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Donald Wilson Bush
Championing the Underdog • Training New Leaders • Promoting World Peace


Roger Scruton
Philosopher, Visiting Professor,
University of Oxford

Roger Scruton

"Don Bush is indescribable and yet amazing."

The Hon. Patsy S. Ticer
Former Virginia State Senator
VA District 40

Sen. Patsy S. Ticer

"Like few others I've met, Don has true compassion for people in need and I trust his leadership and judgement to change the circumstances necessary to help them."

John W. Boyd, Jr.
National Black Farmers Association

John W. Boyd, Jr.

"Bush has a big heart for all the right people and he works harder than any white boy I know."

Jim Dorian (Deceased)
First American Bank, Los Angeles

Jim Dorian

"Only time will tell the influence Donald Wilson Bush can have as a champion for justice. He is a gifted speaker and a strong leader—a worthy reflection of President Woodrow Wilson's legacy. The Armenian people are grateful for his compassion, for his attention, and for his promise to help set the record straight."

Dr. Richard Pratt
Third Millennium Ministries

Dr. Richard Pratt

"Talented doesn't even begin to describe Don Bush. You have to see him on stage to believe it!"

The Hon. Maxine Waters
United States Congress
CA 43rd District

The Honorable Maxine Waters

"Bush?! Is your last name really Bush? Is that really your last name? But you're a nice Bush. I guess I can get used to it!"

The Hon. Julian Brazier
British House of Commons,
Under Secretary of Defence

The Hon. Julian Brazier

“Donald Wilson Bush is charisma personified. If leadership is having a vision and being able to communicate that vision as inspiration, then Don Bush is a quintessential leader. His infectious enthusiasm and vivid powers of description sweep along all those who hear him."

Rabbi Jack Moline
Executive Director,
National Jewish Democratic Council

Rabbi Jack Moline

"Donald Wilson Bush is a gifted bridge builder, par excellence, with his focus on a more peaceful world. The best I've seen!"

Dr. Rice Broocks
Author, Apologist, Co-Founder,
Every Nation Family of Churches

Rabbi Jack Moline

"Don is gifted beyond measure. He reminds me of a cross between Billy Graham, and Ludwig Wittgenstein!"

Dr. Roger Nicole (Deceased)
Pastor, Professor, Theologian
Gordon Seminary; RTS Orlando

Dr. Roger Nicole

“I am truly impressed by the size of your personal library. But what makes me smile even more is your seemingly limitless capacity to love others, even the unlovely."

Dr. Billy Graham
World Wide Evangelist
Montreat, NC

Dr. Billy Graham

"Learning to sell Fuller Brushes from your grandfather door-to-door had the most profound influence on my development as a teenager. This experience—in no small way—helped to make me the person I am today. You remind me of your grandfather a great deal."

Dr. Joyce E. Glaise
Professor, VA State University
Candidate, VA House of Delegates

Joyce E. Glaise

"I can't thank you enough for taking the political risk to run campaigns for underdogs like me."

The Hon. John Lewis
United States Congress
GA 5th District

The Hon. John Lewis

"With a name like that, you should be in politics somewhere, running for something!"

Dr. Luder G. Whitlock, Jr.
President of Excelsis and Exec. Dir. of
the CNL Charitable Foundation

Luder G. Whitlock, Jr.

“Don Bush is one of the most dynamic platform personalities in America today. He will keep you on the edge of your seat. Profound, discerning and engaging, he is a voice to be heard."

David DiSalvo
Best-Selling Author,
Science Writer, FORBES

David DiSalvo

"Don Bush is an awesome public speaker and a rare, creative personality. His range of skills and breadth of knowledge qualify him as a true polymath—able to both visually grasp and translate complex technical topics, and also to verbally elucidate challenging material like few people I’ve encountered in my life."

The Hon. John Conyers
United States Congress
MI 13th District

The Hon. John Conyers

"You are really good son. Just remind me to never share the same stage with you again."

Dr. Elbert Ransom, Jr.
Civil Rights Leader, Author

Elbert Ransom, Jr.

"Don Bush is uniquely talented to deliver an amazing message with no small plan to change the world for better in a BIG way!"

Dr. Ralph Winter (Deceased)
U.S. Center For World Mission

Rabbi Jack Moline

"Donald represents a new generation of gifted speakers ready to change the world."
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